Using Arrivals and/or Departures as Cost Driver

It is possible to use Arrivals and/or Departures as a cost driver in a cockpit.
By enabling forecasting on Arrivals/Departures in Room Live forecast PMI will be based on OTB numbers from the PMS source system, calculate a daily live forecast on arrivals and departures. PMI will also calculate a monthly forecast and budget based on the average length of stay the same month the previous year. If not previous year exist PMI will use last month’s data.

Changing a Housekeeping or Front Office cockpit to use either Arrivals or Departures or a combination of the both as main cost driver can increase the accuracy of daily Smart Forecast.

An example; a hotel only cleans departure rooms, using Departures as the main cost driver in the cockpit will increase the manning accuracy.

By using Arrivals/Departures as Cost driver the following is now also possible:

Profit & Loss
Possibility to bring in Arrivals, Departures & Stay-Over in Source Definition.

Possibility to use Arrivals/Departures as a Cost driver.

Please contact to activate this and change the setting in the cockpit.

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