Using Arrivals and/or Departures as Cost Driver

It is possible to use Arrivals and/or Departures as a cost driver in a cockpit.
By enabling forecasting on Arrivals/Departures in Room Live forecast PMI will be based on OTB numbers from the PMS source system, calculate a daily live forecast on arrivals and departures. PMI will also calculate a monthly forecast and budget based on the average length of stay same month the previous year. If not previous year exist PMI will use last month’s data.

Changing a Housekeeping or Front Office cockpit to use either Arrivals or Departures or a combination of the both as main cost driver can increase the accuracy of daily Smart Forecast.

An example; a hotel only cleans departure rooms, using Departures as the main cost driver in the cockpit will increase the manning accuracy.

Please contact to activate this and change the setting in the cockpit.

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