User Settings


This view enables you to change and edit your personal information.

Intended Users

All PMI users.


  1. You can edit your first name, middle name, last name, job title, email (username) and language in the User Information. You can also select Start View (your default landing view after login) as well as default property, if you are working for more than one property, (cluster position) i.e. more than one hotel. If you tick the “Redirect to last visited property” you will always login to your last entered property, only valid if you have access to more than one property.
    For d2o users or users with access to multiple chains there is also an option to select what should be the landing page when logging in.
  2. The User Defined Group is an additional group within the Benchmarking View and Portfolio Perspective where you can select which properties should be included.
  3. You can change your password by entering the old one and the new one (with confirmation).


Due to security reasons, its recommended to change the password you receive from d2o at set up before using PMI.

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