Tools explained

Some of these tools options may not be visible, depending on the kind of Live Forecast you are in and depending on your user rights.

PMI Live forecast accuracy

A snapshot of your Live forecast for comparison and accuracy checking

Available rooms

Ensure your available rooms status is always up to date and accurate

Configuration settings

  • Enable Live forecast Arrivals, Departures and Stay overs
  • Activate segments
  • Choose Auto or manual updates
  • Exclude the forecast from RevPOLU
  • Allow negative Live forecast. This means that PMI may forecast even more than your capacity, this will help you to yield your inventory.
  • Set the number of alerts you want to see

Submit from Live forecast

Submit the Forecast for the coming month(s) by the end of the current month. Deadlines are company specific.

Edit guest nights factor

Use this to change the average number of guests per room used for forecasting

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