Time Sheet


Time Sheet is a summary of all Labor Cockpits − actual and scheduled future hours. 

Intended Users

Heads of Departments, Management Team and Human Resources. 


Important notice: The Time Sheet will only be valid if all Cockpits are updated with yesterday’s hours. 

The key calculations are made as shown below, using “Sum Column F&B” as an example: 

  1. Total F&B − YTD/MTD: Actual hours spent month-to-date in the division (given that all dates, including yesterday, are updated and saved). 
  2. Total F&B − YTD/MTD SMART Forecast: The actual F&B revenue divided by the forecasted productivity, i.e. available hours MTD with the same productivity as forecasted. Calculated according to SMART
  3. Total F&B − YTD/MTD SMART Budget: The actual F&B revenue divided by the budgeted productivity, i.e. available hours MTD with the same productivity as the budget. Calculated according to SMART

Note: Each department has its own cost driver based on an individual productivity target. On the divisional level, all calculations will be based on financial goals. Use the Time Sheet as a tool to summarize and compare. Use the date picker to select periods. Select your comparisons and views in View Options in the top right menu. See more under View Options below. 

In Months and Year view it is possible to hover over the hours and get a popup with actual used hours Last Year. 


In Tools, you can choose to export the report to Excel or PDF file format.

View Options

In View Options, you may choose what you wish to display:

  1. Include Period End − this will include Live Forecast.
  2. Displayed Data − you have the option to see Live Forecast, meaning actuals and the live forecast joint, Forecast only and Budget only. The summary at the bottom will always show actual and Live Forecast figures. 
  3. Show Weather − if ticked, you will have a Forecast Weather icon for the next 10 days. It will also save the data historically from that day onward.
  4. Daily Note − displays daily notes made. 
  5. View Total Rows For − Forecast and Budget, this will add comparison totals at the bottom of the sheet. 
  6. View Sum Columns For − Productive Hours, Non Productive Hours, Productivity, Costdriver.
View Option - Time Sheet.PNG


Time Sheet shows a great overview of the hotel’s labor hours. If you wish, you can export the figures into Excel (or PDF) format to use for your own calculations.

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