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This summary will help you to manage and understand the Schedule Tools & View menu − the available tools you have and views option. 

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Spend some time to view the different functions within the Tools menu. All of them are described with a brief text. As a basic principle, what you see in the schedule is what is going to be exported to print. Please also check your View Options settings on the View Options menu − how your data/schedule will be displayed. 

  • Shift Codes − where you handle all shift codes. 
  • Replace Shift Code − here you can replace the shift code for selected users. 
  • Create Rotating Schedule − here you can copy a schedule already created. This function is good to use where you have a rolling schedule in place. Please read more in Scheduling. 
  • Insert Value into Unspecified Row − enables you to populate your schedule with different choices. Percentage of Cockpit Target or Cockpit Planned can automatically be inserted by using this function. 
  • Submit To Budget/Forecast − where you submit your Cockpit Planned Hours to Forecast or Budget. 
  • Alerts − where you handle the alerts used. 
  • Add Alerts To Workers − if activated, here you can set alerts connected to workers; for example, maximum number of hours during a month. 
  • Information Rows − information rows where you can add any value you like. 
  • Add New Team − you can add Teams based on the following criteria: number or shifts scheduled at the specific time; number of shifts scheduled to start before the specified time, but after the previous team; or number of shift types. See drop down list. 
  • Add New Worker − new employees are added here. 
  • Add New Unspecified Row − enables you to add extra rows to Unspecified as per your own choice. 
  • Add New Schedule − to add an entirely new schedule. 
  • Change Schedule Name − change the name of the schedule. 
  • Delete or Deactivate Schedule − here you can delete or deactivate the schedule. Deleting a schedule is not possible if shifts are attached to that schedule for future days. There is a possibility to delete shifts for a period. 
  • Print to File − enables you to print to either excel or pdf with the following choices; default, Weeks (Sat-Fri), Weeks (Sun-Sat), Weeks (Mon-Sun), Weeks (Fri-Thur). 
Schedule 1.PNG

Instruction View

You have several choice to what you want to view in the schedule 

View option Schedule.png
  • Show FTE will display the hours in the schedule in FTE (full time employee) instead of hours. You set how many hour per day a FTE works in Settings in Cockpit.

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