Staffing guide explanation 

What is the staffing guide? 

The staffing guide is a recommendation of how many labor hours to schedule each day for each department. 

It can be viewed in the graphs of each labor cockpit.  

How is it calculated? 

The staffing guide uses Machine Learning (ML) to calculate how many hours are needed per day based on the forecasted activity at the hotel, depending on the day of the week, the season and trends. 

It ignores any manually set productivity, forecasted hours and/or min and max staffing. 

This differs from the SMART forecast which shows how many hours you can use to meet your productivity or hours forecast. 

What is its purpose? 

There are 2 main purposes of the staffing guide: 

1. To evaluate the past staffing levels to identify if they are frequently over/understaffed on specific weekdays or activity levels, and,  

2. Ensure that the future schedule is aligned with the current need (which is based on the expected activity levels). 

It can also be used to help set productivity forecasts for future months. If you are not sure what a realistic productivity forecast for your department will be, use the staffing guide as a starting point. 

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