Sources of information analysis

Last Year Occ. & ADRRoom ForecastingUsed to display the actual occupancy and ADR for last year. The user can choose between “last year by date” or “last year by weekday” view.
BudgetRoom ForecastingThe monthly budget is dispersed into a daily budget. Choose the method that reflects the most realistic daily budget, which again constitutes daily reference values.
ForecastRoom ForecastingA forecast is based on a daily sales target based on your market situation and short-term strategy, i.e. a “frozen” live forecast at a certain moment. The forecast is also the organization’s cost driver reference point.
Pickup Statistics & Booking PaceRoom ForecastingThe pick-up statistics can be viewed as a table or diagram: 1. Today (or any chosen date) on the book figures compared to a chosen date on the book daily for a chosen period (1 month as default) by segment.
2. Monitoring this information on a daily basis helps you confirm or invalidate whether your strategy is optimal within the current market situation.
The booking peaks on the different moments of time tell you the different customer segments booking patterns.

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