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What is Share hotel?

Its a functionality on the “source” side, i.e. that enables a database that wants to share one or more hotel to another database. It’s only applicable for Benchmarking.

Intended users and requirements

This functionality is accessible to d2o, please contact support on for assistance.

How does this work?

In the left column you have the groups of the “source” database, but this is only used to have a set of hotels displayed on the right hand side. The groups themselves have no other functionality.

On the right hand side, you have on the top a drop-down menu where you choose which database you want to share hotel(s) with. Below you will find the hotels, and you tick the hotel(s) you want to share with the chosen database.

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Cross-database sharing of hotels in Benchmarking

This functionality will cater for a situation where one or more hotels in one database should be visible in the Benchmarking view in another database. A practical example:

We have a group of hotels in one database, typically a group of hotels with the same owner. These hotels operate under brands that also have PMI, but then in another database. The brand owner would like the “external” hotel to be visible in the Benchmarking View of the brand, and the brand hotels should maybe also be visible in the Benchmarking of the external hotel.

In PMI we will have to configure this in two steps, and the steps are found under Advanced Settings. These are Share Hotel and Group External Hotel

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