Setting Productivity Targets


This summary will help you to manage and maintain your productivity targets – under the module Budget and Forecast.

Intended Users

General Manager, Hotel Manager, Controller and PMI Cockpit Owners


There are two ways of setting productivity targets in PMI

If you use the Live Forecast module and do Live Forecast continuously you will be helped by setting Productivity Targets in the Budget and Forecast module.

  1. Under the column Productivity, you enter the productivity target for each month for both budget and forecast. This will then, if you have a forecast and budget in the column Costdriver, tell you the number of hours you can spend each month.

There is a setting in the cockpit to allow the set productivity target to be locked even if you change the cost driver. Or you can lock the hours so when changing the cost driver the productivity target will be changed but the hours will be locked.

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2. You may also let the Heads of Departments plan their schedule before the month starts and come up with the number of hours needed. Please read more in the chapter Monthly routines – Labor Cockpit.


See Other Budget and Forecast

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See Other Budget and Forecast


It is highly recommended that you use Live Forecast. This will alter the number of hours you can use whenever the Costdriver changes; for example, if the number of rooms increases within the month, this will affect all cockpits with a productivity target connected to a costdriver that is based on number of rooms.

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