Segment OTB


This summary helps you to get a quick overview of your bookings on the books for a certain period.

Intended Users

General Manager, Hotel Manager, Revenue Manager, Booking Manager, Front Office Manager, Department Heads and Regional and Head Office.


PMI has to be connected to a Property Management System, PMS.


  1. Segment OTB is for information only, there is nothing to edit in this module.
  2. You can choose the period you want to look at by choosing Month, Months, Days or Year.
  3. Then you choose what you would like to see, by Segment, Group or Market Codes under the View Options menu. See below.
  4. Finally, you choose what value you want to see − Room Nights, Room Revenue or ARR − under the View Options menu. See below.
  5. You may also compare to Last Year and in this view, you may also choose to compare Last Year by Date or Weekdays under View Options See below.
  6. The summary at the bottom lets you easily compare this year to last year.
Segment OTB.JPG


Export the Segment OTB to either Excel or PDF.

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