SAP Labor Cost Mapping

RHG will export the SAP Labor Cost twice a month and it will contain actual Labor Cost for past month and forecasted Labor Cost for current month and future months.

When SAP Labor Cost is imported for the first time to PMI there will be accounts that will need mapping.

On Home Screen a red box will appear with information about accounts to be mapped. You can click the box to come to the mappings or go via the main menu in the top left corner and select Mapping – Accounts under Administration.

Start with making sure you have all boxes ticked in the View box up in the right-hand corner:

At the top of the page, make sure you stand on ALL as selection and not a specific department.

In the Interface column click the dropdown list and choose “XXXXX Labor Cost”.

How to map the different SAP Departments:

In PMI we have cockpit setup that is not exactly the same as in SAP. This is because PMI is a productivity tool and RHG has decided on the setup. For example all properties have a specific Breakfast Cockpit or Breakfast segment. Also Housekeeping in SAP is divided up in PMI into several cockpits.

When mapping we then need to split the mapping into several cockpits.

To split a cockpit into several use the 3 dots at the far right:

Do this exercise several times to split more than into two splits.

After split has been done – you need to set how much percentage should be split, the total needs to add up to 100%. Please do not use decimal in the percentage split.

Use the 3 dots again and select Split percentage.

It is very important that you map to each cockpit available in PMI. The cockpits are displayed in the dropdown list in the mapping module.

If you do not map to a specific cockpit you need to make sure you do not already have labor cost in the forecast of actual for this cockpit or your labor cost will not validate to SAP.

Remember to Save when all is mapped in the top right corner.

When done – please send a mail to ,copying also Eva Spas, and I will reimport the data to populate PMI.

Validate the data

To validate the data – use Budget & Forecast module in PMI:

Select Year view. All month prior to current will be imported as Live Forecast labor cost and current + future month will be imported as Forecast:

If you have split mappings you of course need to calculate the split to validate the data in PMI.

To validate total labor cost for the hotel – use the Management Perspective.

Depending if you look at month, months or year you will see the labor cost in T LOC in the YTD and Month End columns:

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