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The table below shows the data relationship between PMI data elements/fields (target) and corresponding source data elements/fields (source).

You will find the transformation/load rules meant to explain any programmatic manipulation and calculation applied in the adapter to get the desired data format and/or result in the PMI staging table where such have been applicable.

An example of the source file data, format and structure is also attached below the table.

This table will be updated whenever the source file or the adapter in question are changed throughout the interface life-cycle.

#PMI data element (target)DescriptionMandatory / OptionalData transformation/load rulesData element (source)Comment
1DateRevenue dateMMapped to DateColumn “DAY”
2Department IDID of the department within the propertyMMapped to DepartmentDoes not exist in source file
3Account IDAccount IDMMapped to AccountDoes not exist in source file
4Account descriptionDescription of accountMMapped to DescriptionColumn “PMIBUCKET”
5RevenueRoom Revenue with VATMMapped to RevenueColumn “ROOM REVENUE”
6CoversNumber of guestsMMapped to forecast unitsColumn “OCCUPANCY”

Download an example of the source file format: File:EzRms.zip

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