Revplan Mapping

When Revplan is imported for the first time to PMI there will be accounts that will need mapping.

On Home Screen a red box will appear with information about accounts to be mapped. You can click the box to come to the mappings or go via the main menu in the top left corner and select Mapping – Accounts under Administration

Start with making sure you have all boxes ticked in the View box up in the right-hand corner:

At the top of the page, make sure you stand on ALL as selection and not a specific department.
In the Interface column click the dropdown list and choose “RevPlan Forecast”. Click the name “Department ID” to sort the column:

How to map the different accounts:

XXXXX-STAT – this is mapped to hotel name and segment RAC

XXXXX-ROOMS – this is mapped to the hotel name and correct segment.
@OTH – this must be mapped to the segment “OTH Revplan”

A rule in PMI is checking the “Department ID” for the CC into our database where PMI have stored the CC on correct PMI Profit Center. On all departments where a CC is stored you will only get one PMI Profit Center to map to in the dropdown list.
If the PMI Profit Center displayed is wrong – please contact

If no CC is stored you will get the full list of Profit Centers and Cockpits, make sure to select the correct Profit Center and not a Cockpit. Should you not get a list of Profit Center please contact and I will add the CC to the database so it will appear in the list.

Select the PMI Profit Center and then the correct segment.

You can NEVER map to Total segment, then the data in PMI will not be correct.

For CC_F_B_17 (M&E) we have two PMI Profit Center

Select the correct one and map. In PMI today we do not use Meal Period in M&E, some properties might have Food Revenue divided up in LU-31210, DI-31210 etc. These Account ID´s does not have a description but should be mapped to M&E Operations and segment Food.

Some hotels also use CC_F_B_02 as main Restaurant and segments 31215 Breakfast Revenue – this should be mapped to PMI Profit Center Breakfast. 31210 Food Revenue and 31220 Drink Revenue should then be mapped to the main Restaurant.

Remember to Save when all is mapped in the top right corner.

When done – please send a mail to ,copying also your CRM, and I will check the mappings and activate PMI to import the data into PMI.

This import is importing both Live Forecast (Rolling Forecast) for all Profit Centers and Forecast (Official Forecast) to PMI. All Revenue Drivers will be removed and there is no need to update or save any Live Forecast and no need to submit (copy) any Live Forecast to Forecast anymore.

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