How to revise a schedule

How does it work?

This method is often used if you don’t have a timekeeping system (that is integrated with PMI) and you want to keep actual consumption per worker.

1. The days that have not been approved are indicated with a red cell background. 

2. If you need to revise hours, enter the Schedule you need to revise by clicking on the Schedule name. 

3. Revise the shifts of the personnel for the days that are not correct. The easiest way of doing this is to use the functionality “Time” located above the shift codes, to the right of the predefined shift codes. Enter the correct times “from” and “to” and replace the shift you need to revise in the Schedule (right click just above the shift to remove the old one, and left click to enter the new time). 

4. After you have made all the changes needed, make sure that you save the data and go back to the Time Cockpit.

5. If you want to insert any special for the day, click on the comment field located to the right of the day and write the comment.

6. Finally choose Save Data from the tools menu. All days should now have a white cell background.

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