Revenue Driver enhancement – able to choose more than last year as a source

Enhancement – able to choose more than last year as a source

What does this mean?

It’s the ability to add another year as an option when creating manual revenue drivers.

What is its purpose?

Today you have the option to choose the % of revenue for last year’s date or weekday. To be able to choose more than only one year back will be very beneficial for some departments. The departments using this driver are mainly restaurants, pubs, bars, M&E departments, and seasonal departments as they usually don’t prefer rooms/guest nights as a driver. Having this as an option allows you to have more options as last year may not always be relevant, especially if the hotel was closed due to refurbishment, seasonal closing, natural disaster, change of concepts, change over to franchise, etc. The goal of this functionality is to assist you as best as possible to produce a forecast that is trustworthy.

Intended users and requirements

Profit center owners with access to Live Forecast.

  • When choosing the same department in Revenue driver, you will today get the Option Revenue Last Year.
  • If covers are activated, you can also choose Covers Last Year. The same will apply for covers as with revenue, so will not repeat for covers.
  • You now have the option of choosing Revenue Previous Year.
  • When you choose Revenue Previous Year, a drop-down should appears with “Last Year” on top and then followed by the 4 years before last year, 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016 (for 2021).
  • Choosing Last Year will have the same behavior as today, where Last Year will be rolling from year to year.
  • To avoid any confusion we will show the last 5 years regardless if its a seasonal hotel and hotels not being active 5 years.
  • If the revenue driver is set to a fixed year, in Live Forecast View Options, there is a possibility to choose to see the chosen Revenue Driver Year instead of Last Year.
  • If a fixed year is selected, the same possibility is available to set percentage of the revenue as with LY today.
  • If fixed year selected, revenue should be distributed based on Weekdays or Date as with Last Year.
  • In Live Forecast, the label in column LY should change to “Year yyyy” when the fixed year chosen, LY when Last Year chosen under View Option.

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