Resource consumption and purchase patterns


This summary will help you to understand and manage the Food Cost Cockpit.

Intended Users

Executive Chefs, Chefs = Kitchen Food Cost Owners


The purpose of the Food Cost Cockpit is to manage resource consumption and purchase pattern in order to achieve the forecasted food cost and recommended stock turnover.

Update frequency

The Food Cost Cockpit should be updated on a daily basis. Monthly values should be inserted by month start.


The Food Cost Cockpit should only include food. If coffee, soda or minibar snacks are calculated in the food cost, these purchases should be included as well.

Food stock turnover

The default target of food stock turnover is set to 10 days. This target could be unattainable at some properties; if this is the case, you should define the target together with PMI support ( or your d2o Account Manager.

Food cost 1.JPG

A fundamental principle to calculate ideal stock turnover is: (Expected sales X food cost %) / 3

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