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The table below shows the data relationship between PMI data elements/fields (target) and corresponding source data elements/fields (source).

You will find the transformation/load rules meant to explain any programmatic manipulation and calculation applied in the adapter to get the desired data format and/or result in the PMI staging table where such have been applicable.

An example of the source file data, format and structure is also attached below the table.

This table will be updated whenever the source file or the interface in question are changed throughout the interface life-cycle.

Before KDR Gold, the system provided by this data source provider was called RMS and this name can still be found in many places in the system.
The filename follows the pattern “SLSACC*.txt”
All the interfaces handling this system are called Rms_Fb and there are many versions. The generically used versions are handled in this part.
First we give an overview of the differences and then we will describe version 1, which is the base interface for all generic interfaces.

Interface name incl. versionComment
Rms_Fb_V001The file is without headers.
Base interface definition uses the date format d/MM/yyyy.
Revenue includes tax and has the default number format.
Rms_Fb_V002Uses date format d/M/yyyy.
Revenue is without tax.
Rms_Fb_V003The file has headers.
Revenue is without tax.
Rms_Fb_V004Custom made, including covers and hierarchy mapping.
Rms_Fb_V005Uses date format d/M/yyyy.
Specifically sets the number format for revenue to Norwegian.
Rms_Fb_V006Uses date format d/M/yyyy.
Move and Copy adds a letter to the file name at position 7 (0-based) and this interface adds that letter to the department name.
Specifically sets the number format for revenue to Norwegian.
Rms_Fb_V007Specifically sets the number format for revenue to UK.
Rms_Fb_V010Custom made
Rms_Fb_V011Only imports the last day.
Rms_Fb_V012Prevents the import of duplicate rows.
Rms_Fb_V013Based on Rms_Fb_V006.
Prevents the import of duplicate rows.
Specifically sets the number format for revenue to UK.
Rms_Fb_V021Allows for extended characters by encoding the import to UTF-8
6Not used
#PMI data element (target)DescriptionMandatory / OptionalData transformation/load rulesData element (source)Comment
1DateTransaction dateMDirect mapping from source fileDate
2DepartmentID or name of the departmentMDirect mapping from source fileDepartment
3AccountID or name of the accountMDirect mapping from source fileAccount
4DescriptionAccount descriptionMDirect mapping from source fileDescription
5RevenueRevenue without authority charge ratesMRevenue or Revenue-TaxRevenue & TaxSee specific versions for details

Download an example of the source file format: File:Rms Fb V001.txt

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