PMI Schedule: Information/Calculation rows explanation 

What are information/calculation rows in PMI Schedule? 

Custom rows can be added in PMI Schedule that give you additional insights when scheduling. This allows you to view relevant details, ensuring that good schedules are created.  

What is their purpose? 

Information rows are used as a reference point. You can manually input relevant data as a reference point when scheduling. For example, bus arrivals or number of groups. These rows are for informational purpose only – they do not affect the schedule. 

Calculation rows are used to calculate the number of hours that will be needed, based on a specific rule. This can be used, for example to calculate the number of hours for an outsourced housekeeping department when we know These hours calculated will be included in your scheduled hours.  

How to create information/calculation rows? 

Add custom rows via the tools setting in the Schedule module.  

To add an information row

  1.  Select Add Calculation/Information rows in tools settings 
  1. Add a name for the row 
  2. Select execute  
    1. The row now appears in green. Here you can manually input values for each day. Press save, once you have made the relevant updates. 

To add a calculation row

  1. Use the same option in the tools settings 
  2. Insert a name 
  3. Select ‘add as calculation row’
  4. Select factor or minutes. This will determine how the hours are calculated 
    1. Minutes is the number of minutes per unit. E.g. It takes 30 minutes to clean 1 room, insert 30. 
    2. Factor is the multiplying factor to calculate the number of hours E.g. If it takes 30 minutes to clean 1 room insert 0.5.
  1. When you select execute, 2 new rows will appear.  
  2. One is green, which is where you can input values. The row at the bottom of the page calculates the number of hours that will be needed. These hours will be added automatically to the scheduled hours, which you can see both in the scheduled planned row, and cockpit planned rows.  
  1. Once you have made your changes, press save.  
  2. The hours will be shown in the cockpit under Other Hours for the respective day.


When updating past days in the schedule the rule is that if the cockpit is already saved for that day the cockpit will NOT update, so if this function is used to update past days, make sure not to save the cockpit until the schedule have been updated and saved. Then go into the cockpit and save.

View a tutorial video here:

Custom rows in PMI Schedule (2:26s) from PMI Coach on Vimeo.

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