PMI R&P – Updated Revenue Driver

The automated revenue driver has been updated to cover for Covid period. The way PMI finds and calculate data in the past has been updated to come up with better values for future days.

When this change was rolled out we copied the Forecast to Live Forecast column, meaning the pickup column will display the difference between the revenue driver suggestion and the Forecast.
When the Room Live Forecast starts to change the suggestion in the revenue driver will also change and affect the Live Forecast.

There might be periods and days where the driver does not come up with any good values due to lack of data (hotels been closed) and the hotel needs to work with the pickup to come up with a good Live Forecast.

Should you believe that the suggested revenue/covers for a specific day is wrong you can always override that day (or on segment level) by clicking the green calculator or red triangle in front of the date and add your own value in the pickup column.

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