Registration of Energy consumption


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To register consumption

Use + Add consumption

PMI GoGreen Registration of energy consumption

Intended Users

Maintenance Manager, Executive Chef, Styling Manager, Other Department Heads, General Manager and higher.


Access to GoGreen Role.


Unfortunately, certain vendors cannot provide automatic data integration at this stage.  Therefore, manual registration is required at least monthly.

To register the energy consumption, you select a catergory and enter a value. Note that the prior month is defaulted. If you need to record the consumption for a month preceding prior month, click +Add and choose the desired month. The monthly value entered is automatically distributed to daily based on the daily driver values (actual room nights and temperature).

Use + Add consumption to add dates or specific location for future analysis. 

The actual monthly consumption is distributed over the period based on activity cost drivers.

The activity cost drivers will vary from cockpit to cockpit. In the case of Energy consumption, a combination of room nights, non-room revenue and temperature are used as driver. The table below shows what drivers are used to forecast and distribute the monthly actual consumption amounts in the respective cockpits.

Over time, these drivers may be changed (reconfigured) as a result of change in consumption patterns.

Tutorial video can be found below

PMI GoGreen Registration of energy consumption

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