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Maintenance Manager, Executive Chef, Styling Manager, Other Department Heads, General Manager and higher.


Access to GoGreen Role.


The Live Forecast list gives you an overview of the upcoming activities at your hotel to help you identify the best possible actions to take to meet your month-end target. 

This list provides important context for the coming days: weather, consumption per guest and M&E activity level which you should consider when deciding on adjusting the goal (the number in the dial).  

Weather data is from your local weather station. See  

Low, medium and high classification is determined by comparing the expected upcoming M&E revenue with previous periods. 

Calculation model for total M&E business:   

No business: a zero  

Low: Lower than 25% of daily revenue, median over the last 12 months  

Medium: 25% – 75% of daily revenue, median over the last 12 months  

High: >75% higher than the daily revenue, median over the last 12 months 

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