Month – end values


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Intended Users

Maintenance Manager, Executive Chef, Styling Manager, Other Department Heads, General Manager and higher.


Access to GoGreen Role.


Month-end total consumption is equal to actual month-to-date plus Live Forecast for the rest of the month. 

The forecast model includes temperature and activity data to predict the future day’s estimated consumption for the rest of the month. 

Similarly, the month-end cost is equal to month-to-date actual consumption plus Live forecast consumption for the rest of the month multiplied by the unit price used in the last saved monthly forecast. 

Unit price formula = forecasted unit price x actual and live forecast consumption. 

Colour logic:  

Black = below or within the month-end consumption target by 1%.  

Yellow = above month-end consumption target by 1 .01% – 5%.   

Red = above month-end target by 5.01% or more. 

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