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Intended Users

Maintenance Manager, Executive Chef, Styling Manager, Other Department Heads, General Manager and higher.


Access to GoGreen module.


The number in the dial shows Live Forecast consumption for the next x days. The number of days can be adjusted on the dropdown list. 

The fewer days selected, the higher the frequency for managing upcoming consumption.  

When should I use fewer days to manage consumption? 

When managing consumption on fewer days, doing a high season period helps prevent a too high variance between the month-end consumption and target. It can be challenging to recover from a too high discrepancy between Month-end consumption and target. 

When should I use 7 days to manage consumption? 

It is recommended to use seven days as default if you are new to PMI GoGreen, by low seasons, or you have a constant business activity in the hotel.   

Gauge control 

If the dial is green, you are on track to meet the month-end consumption target.  If you are pacing behind (red or amber), you can move the dial anticlockwise to see the total consumption that gets you back on track.  

Colour logic:  

Green = below or within the month-end consumption target by 1%.  

Yellow = above month-end consumption target by 1 .01% – 5%.   

Red = above month-end target by 5.01% or more. 

Info: The number in the dial is the total expected consumption for the period selected from the dropdown list. 

Tutorial videos can be found below

PMI GoGreen Energy 4 steps

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