PMI API Best Practice Get Forecasted hours

Most request to the PMI API requires a property id (guid) or a chain id which will be part of the url.

These will be provided by d2o.

In the following examples we will use “4f725e8a-d8e0-48bb-bb6e-84183edb581d” as chain id (in the end of all urls)   and property id (h_id) 41

1. To get a complete list of properties you use:

Hierarchy AllProperties.png


ExternalCode = Code name for the property

Id = Internal PMI property id known as “h_id” (hierarchy_id)

MaxRooms = number of rooms.

Name = Property Name 

2. To get “your” departments related to these PMI departments/cockpits you use the xml/Mapping/TKS/Departments for each property/hotel, like:

Tks Departments.png


H_id = Property ID from the Hierarchy/AllProperties method


Hid = Internal deparment/cockpit ID in PMI

SourceDepartment = Imported department name (from your system)

SourceDepartmentIdentifier = Imported department id (from your system)

Status = 1 = Department is in use,  2 Department is not in use.

3. Once you have the relation between your department id and the department id in PMI (Hid) above you can retrieve the forecasted hours using

Labor Departments.png


h_id = 62 (refers to “Breakfast” from the Mapping/TKS/Departments method).

from= date from

to = date to 


Use the “SmartForecast” for forecasted hours.

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