PMI adoption Index: Help videos for measurements

Additional videos are now available on the PMI adoption index page for specific measurements.

The purpose of the videos is to help explain why each measurement is important and what actions need to be taken in order to achieve a high score.

To access the videos, make sure you are viewing a specific departments index score. Select a tile, and click show more on the measurement you want to view. Click the button Learn more to view a video.

Note – videos are not yet available for all measurements. There will be more coming soon.

The measurements with help videos available include:

  1. Revenue forecast exists (Plan)
  2. Productivity forecast exists (Plan)
  3. Revenue Live forecast vs. Forecast (Do)
  4. Productivity Live forecast vs. Forecast (Do)
  5. Schedule alignment (Do)
  6. Hours adapted to activity (Do)
  7. Monitor Labor cockpit (Do)

To learn more about the adoption index, view our article PMI adoption index overview.

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