P&L Report modifications

What is its purpose?

There are much more choices and flexibility in the P&L Report module so it’s easier to see what figures you are actually looking at, and more informative menus, etc.

What are the actual modifications?

  1. Actual: Actual/ Live Forecast and Actual & Forecast WiP listed first. Sub-menu for Approved with Actual & Forecast Approved and Actual & Forecast PY year Approved.

2. Forecast: Forecast WiP listed first. Sub-menu for Approved and Other submitted. Approved will only list last approved version. Other submitted should show the last three submitted.

3.  Target: Same as Forecast above

4. Version name (FCT5 2019 as example) should be listed behind submit date on all submitted entries, where it exists (note that all WiP will not have a version name).

5. If a report runs for a group, identification should be VersionName from table Planning_Submited_Version, if version exists. Find the same version for the group hotels. If the version does not exist, select as today.

6. When an entry is selected and added under the Current working version, a tick box for YTD is available. If ticked should accumulate all months, as with YTD today. If not ticked, show monthly values as today.

7. A tick box for deviation is also made available, but ONLY for row 2 and below.
– If Dev is ticked, a drop-down list with all entries ABOVE this entry is listed, but NOT any entry with Dev already ticked. Choose the column you want to compare with.

8. When running the report, the Dev. option will produce two columns, the data column (e.g. Forecast WiP) and the column showing the deviaton between this and the chosen column. If a is Actual and b is Forecast WiP, where Actual is listed as first column, the Dev should be callculated as a-b.
– If Dev is ticked a “hide” icon will be visible. Mark this, and the data column (Forecast WiP with the example above) should be hidden.

– Headers should show version number if version exists, Approved, Last Submitted, Prev. Submitted. Date should only show in tool tip.
– Always use Submit date when showing data, not Status date.

Account module, View Options, Versions:
– Show in brackets (Status, Submit Date, Version, Submit user), previously it was (Status, Status date, Status user).
– Show Reference, reference options should also have the above information in brackets.

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