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The pickup statistics can be viewed as either a table or a diagram. In the Pickup Statistics, you can view and analyze the booking pattern for the different Segments and the ARR.

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Revenue Managers, Booking, Sales, Hotel Manager, General Manager


Pick up graph

Pick up Statistic Table


Use the Pickup Statistics to analyze and get better knowledge of the booking pattern at your hotel, and find the increase/decrease for the different Room Segments OTB, the ARR and the Total Room Revenue.

In the Graph-Dates view, you can find the booking pattern within a month. Which days are popular days? We should optimize our Average Room Rate on these days. Which days are slow, and need more attention to get a higher occupancy?

In the Graph-Accumulated View, you compare this year’s OTB to the OTB same date last year.

In the Diagram view, you can choose Pace Days, and see the difference in the booking pattern the same period last year. If the green Pickup bar is higher than the Gray bar (last year) we have a more positive booking pattern this year than last year. Is the pattern changing? And for which segments? How is the development of the Average Room Rate in relation to the occupancy? Is there something that needs our attention before it is too late?

View Options

In the Pickup Statistics, you can choose viewing Room Nights, ARR or Room Revenue

The Option Graph Dates displays the Booking Pattern within the month you are viewing.

The option Graph-Accumulated displays the On-The-Books figures this year compared with last year.

Pace Days – If you choose Pace Days 7 in the Graph Dates view, PMI displays the changes in the Booking Pattern in the last 7 days of the month you are viewing.


You have the ability to print to excel.

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