Productivity Intelligence Aid (PIA) module

What is the PIA module?

It’s an aid consisting of 4 functions that give you first-line support and assistance when needed. It also provides helpful tips on best practice routines ensuring you are in control. This aid can also be instrumental in onboarding your new team members as training resources are easily accessible. The PIA icon is found on the right-hand side of your screen, and it can be moved anywhere on your page so that it’s not a hindrance for you. By clicking on the icon you have four options.

  1. Chatbot – automated PMI assistant. Ask questions as you are working in PMI and she will guide you to the correct information.
  2. WalkMe – a step-by-step guidance tool which can be used for onboarding of new team members, refreshers, daily tasks, monthly tasks etc.
  3. FAQ – direct access to frequently asked questions
  4. Knowledge base – direct access to PMI help articles and video tutorials.

Intended users and requirements

The PIA module can be activated by your BRE Analyst. This is available to all users at a newly signed property and/or if your property needs a PMI refresher course.

How does it all work?

  1. Chatbot – by clicking on this option in the module you are working in, you will see a couple of options with suggestions, our example below is from the Home page. Click on an option or write your question in the “Type your message” box. Note that the Chatbot functionality is module specific, so make sure you are in the correct module before asking a question.

1.1 When you have entered the specific module you want to work in, in this example, we are in the Front Office cockpit. When clicking on the PIA icon, this is a typical screen. It will present you with a couple of options.

1.2 If this does not cover the question you have, write the question in the “Type your message” box.

1.3 If your question has been sufficiently answered, click Yes. If not, click No. You will then get the option of sending your question directly to one of our team members in our global support team.

1.4 Your question is then sent to our global support team and you will be getting an answer shortly in your inbox as your email address is registered.

2. WalkMe – by clicking on this option you activate PIA – Guiding you through PMI. Here are two options, Help and My Tasks. When clicking on Help, displayed are all the segments/modules that have been assigned to you by your BRE analyst. It can be anything from one to several segments.

2.1 Let’s choose Onboarding, here you will find all the topics within this specific segment. Here you are able to go through each topic in descending order at your convenience. It’s a step-by-step guide taking you through all the highlights ensuring you are equipped with the necessary knowledge to perform your daily duties. If you choose My Tasks, you have a complete overview of all the tasks you should complete to be able to perform as expected.

2.2 You are able to track your progress as shown in the example below. You have control over your own learning where and when you are able to do it.

2.3 If you choose My Tasks, you have a complete overview of all the tasks you should complete to be able to perform as expected.

2.4 The below message is what appears on the screen when you sign in each morning until it’s all completed.

3. FAQ (Frequently asked questions), by clicking on this option you have unlimited access to an entire database of questions that d2o has compiled from users and team members across the globe. Please note that it is updated regularly.

4. Knowledge base, by clicking on this option you have unlimited access to all microlearning videos, articles pertaining to PMI. Here we are able to spread knowledge far and wide all while promoting best practices within your property, chain, and group. Please note that it is updated regularly.

Hints and tips

A little recap, Chatbot is for asking PMI-related questions. If you don’t get the answer you are looking for you can look through the knowledge base, FAQs or send a request to support. The chatbot is module-specific. Always developing and learning so it will become smarter over time. Also, start your learning in descending order. Avoid not completing a topic before going on the next. When you have completed all topics in My Tasks, your understanding and motivation for using PMI will have increased. You will be equipped with the tools you need to meet your goals and expectations. Please note that once the training period is completed, access to PIA WalkMe can be canceled.

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