PIA Chatbot

What is PIA Chatbot?

PIA Chatobot is part of the d2o Productivity Intelligence Assistant (PIA) that will give first-line support and help when needed.

What is its purpose?

She is continually expanding her knowledge and abilities to respond and help users with all aspects of PMI. If she cannot find the correct information, then she will ensure the user is able to communicate with a human instead.

Intended users and requirements

The PIA module can be activated in the Hierarchy by your BRE Analyst. This is available to all users at a newly signed property.

How does it all work?

PIA Chatbot is found on the lower left hand side of the Home screen. PIA is found in all the various screens in PMI. Click on it to start the module.

Always ensure that the question you ask is relevant to the module or screen you are in. For example, below the question is, (What is revpolu?), and we on the Home screen where the RevPolu is displayed.

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