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The purpose of a parent cockpit is to (1) enable consolidation of hours and activity cost drivers, and (2) streamline review and update of two or more children cockpits.

For instance, IT, Maintenance and Finance are operated by a fixed staff level – independent from the day-to-day fluctuations in the level of business activity. You may want to see hours and activity cost driver (e.g. total revenue) for individual departments while also see a hours and activity cost driver consolidated. A parent cockpit will serve this purpose. Moreover, having a parent cockpit setup makes review and update of the individual children (cockpits) faster.

Intended Users

Cockpit owners


To set up a parent cockpit, the children cockpits must have same activity cost driver. It is not possible to consolidate different drivers.


A parent cockpit is activated in configuration (done by a d2o consultant). A parent cockpit works in the same way as a normal cockpit but has some additional features:

  • From the drop-down list, you can choose to view a child cockpit or all children (consolidated view).
  • Click pen to update.
  • Rates are set specifically to individual children cockpits.
  • Like a normal cockpit, you can choose to view Hours Total and Productivity Total MTD or Month-End. Additionally, you can view the breakdown of children cockpits clicking the pen icon


Children cockpits must all share same cost driver – i.e. it is not possible to consolidate different cost drivers (like guess nights and room nights).

The Min/Max Tool can have different value per underlying cockpit.

Add Schedule – a schedule is specific to a children cockpit, not set at parent level.

View Options

  • Show Weather is the only View Option available.


Use parent cockpit to achieve a consolidation view across two or more cockpits, and/or make updates easier for cockpits with fixed staffing irrespective of fluctuating business volume.

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