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Several labor departments can be bundled into one cockpit in R&P. It can be the departments are too small, or too static for individual planning and it does not add value for the property to manage them individually. Instead it creates more work as more cockpits need updating.

However, in P&L all departments need to be accounted for, and one R&P cockpit must be able to serve multiple P&L departments with data.

Intended Users

Cockpit owners


You need to have access to the parent cockpit to be able to make entries and save.


d2o will have to set up the Parent Cockpit in Hierarchy for the users to be able to use this.

The cockpit works exactly the same as any other cockpit but with some extra features.

  • The dropdown list will allow you to see one underlying cockpit at a time in the graph. If “All” is chosen the graph will add the different underlying cockpits together in the graph.
  • In Budget and Forecast you have a pen to alter each underlying cockpit one by one.
  • In Rates you have the same possibility to alter each underlying cockpit one by one.
  • The Hours Total and Productivity Total MTD or Month-End will change according to what you chose in the dropdown list.
Parent Cockpit.jpeg


  • Cost Driver – it is only possible to have one cost driver for the Parent Cockpit. This means that you can not bundle together underlying cockpit in one Parent Cockpit if you have different Cost Driver. Normally the Parent Cockpit would be used for Administration Department that would have a cost driver of Total Revenue.
  • The Min/Max Tool has the possibility to be set per underlying cockpit.
  • Add Schedule – when adding schedule to the Parent Cockpit you will have to chose what underlying cockpit the schedule belongs to.

View Options

  • Show Weather is the only View Option available.


Parent Cockpit will enable you to bundle together several cockpits (departments). If using Planning this will enable you to have all your Planning departments set up in PMI R&P with connection to Planning Staff.

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