Opera reports export – How to setup

PMI requires data from Opera on a daily basis. There is a possibility to set up automatic export from Opera.

The different reports we require needs to be set up in Opera Scheduler. See the instructions below on each report that needs to be set up.

We have created a separate guide on how to set up each report, click on the links to how to.

Reservation Statistics 1 (Historical Room Nights and Guest Nights) https://www.d2o.com/reservation-statistics-1-res_statistics1/

Trial Balance – (Historical Revenue) https://www.d2o.com/report-trial-balance-trial_balance/

Reservation Forecast – (OTB Room revenue, Room Nights and Guest Nights) https://www.d2o.com/reservation-forecast-res_forecast/

Reservation History and forecast – (Arrival and Departures) https://www.d2o.com/reservation-history-forecast-history_forecast/

M&E Revenue forecast – (OTB M&E Revenue) https://www.d2o.com/daily-forecast-report/

When reports are set up and ready for export, we need to set up the transfer of the report. This is done either via SFTP set up or email. These credentials are supplied by d2o. See the instructions below.

SFTP Transferhttps://www.d2o.com/set-up-sftp-transfer/

Reservation statistics

  • Log into opera PMS
  • Miscellaneous and choose Reports Scheduler
  • Click NEW to the right


  • Enter reservation in Report field and click search
  • Choose Reservation Statistics (res_statistics1)
  • Print to file and Delimited data and click OK


  • Scedule start next day
  • Time 06:00
  • Every one day


  • From date is yesterday’s date
  • Under “Options”, choose Market Code
  • Click on File
  • Close
  • Go back to reports


  • Set From Date to Report Date -7
  • Set To date to Report Date -1


Remember to set it to -7 days, Not 1

Trial Balance

  • Click NEW
  • On report overview write trial in the Report field, click search
  • Choose Trial Balance
  • Click ok
  • Print to file
  • File format Delimited data
  • ok


  • Set date to -1

If you cannot reach Set Date – please to the following:

  • go to Configuration in Opera
  • Setup
  • Report Setup
  • Reports
  • Search for Trial Balance
  • Edit the Trial Balance
  • Click on Parameters button
  • Save (do not change anything just click Save)
  • Ok
  • Exit the module

Then back to Opera Scheduler and the Set Date is visible

Reservation Forecast

  • Back to the report overview
  • Click New
  • Choose Reservations Forecast (REP name should be res_forecast1)


Time should be a few minutes later than last report.


  • Select all, room class, Room Type, Market Code, Reservation Type
  • Under Reservation types, check Block
  • Under Options, check Market Code
  • Click on File


Today s date + 364 days

Reservation History & Forecast


This report can be used to export arrivals and departures.

  • Click New
  • On report overview write trial in the history, click search
  • Choose History_forecast
  • Click ok
  • Print to file
  • File format Delimited data
  • Ok


From – to date will be set in parameter, will overwrite settings below

  • From date should be two weeks in the past and one month into the future from today’s date (i.e. if today is June 17th 2023,you should choose June 3rd 2023 as From Date and July 17th 2023 as To Date)
  • Let all other setting be as they are
  • Click on File

Daily Forecast Report M&E

To get the on the books figures for M&E this report needs to be setup.

  • It is called rep_daily_forecast

Follow the normal procedure according to the other reports but when this box appear do the following settings.

  • Stay Date is today´s date.
  • Block Status should be ACT, DEF and TEN
  • Revenue Type 1 – Food
  • Revenue Type 2 – Beverage/Drinks
  • Revenue Type 3 – Rental/Room Hire
  • Revenue Type 4 – AV
  • Revenue Type 5 – Misc

This report should have the same setting as Res_forecast. +365 days

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