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Welcome to PMI – the management art and science of resource and productivity management!  

We are here to provide support and guidance as you get to grips with PMI.  It may seem a little complex at first but don’t worry, just follow this simple onboarding guide and you’ll be a PMI pro in no time. 

What is PMI?

A key part of a management role is to deliver great service while minimizing waste – be it labor, food, energy, towels, and linen, and so on.  

PMI is designed to help you and your team achieve just that by assisting in the tasks of goal setting, execution, and monitoring progress more easily and with better transparency – which helps foster trust, collaboration, and accountability. 

Our objective with this section is to help you understand how to navigate PMI, and how to read the various reports and extract the necessary information to make good, informed decisions for your department leading to better control, reduced waste and increased productivity.  

Video tutorials

To get started we recommend taking some time to watch the videos in the order listed below. These are also available on the relevant pages in PMI, so you can refer to them as and when needed. 

1. Introduction to PMI Onboarding (17:52s)Vimeo – This video provides an overview and introduction to all of the modules and reports within PMI

2. PMI Index Onboarding (4:48s)Vimeo – PMI Index Dashboard is designed to guide the department heads (cockpit owners) on how to improve their productivity management tasks or skills which will lead to a higher score and result in higher productivity.

3. PIA Productivity Intelligence Aid Overview (2:18s) VimeoThe quickest way to get support and help while working in PMI. Learn how to access and use Pia for fast answers to all PMI related questions.  

4. Benchmarking Overview (3:06s)Vimeo This allows you to view and compare your performance against other properties in your group.

5. Consolidated views in Benchmarking and Management Perspective Overview (3:20s)Vimeo -This allows you to create a productivity department which consists of a set of department types and a cost driver in Benchmarking. 

6. Portfolio Perspective Onboarding (3:41s) Vimeo – Gives you a quick, easy and insightful overview in your portfolio.

7. Management Perspective Onboarding (10:16s)Vimeo – In only a few minutes a day this enables you to know how your team is pacing, what you likely to end up with and the top actions you need to take to reach your target.

8. Flash Report Onboarding (6:27s)Vimeo – This video provides details on the flash report which shows daily revenue.

9. Transfer Rule video tutorial series. A compilation of 5 tutorials ensuring you understand the various rules.

  1. PMI Advanced settings Create & Maintain transfer rules (3:35s)Vimeo
  2. PMI Advanced settings Execution of transfer rules (3:52s)Vimeo
  3. PMI Advanced settings Fixed Percentage (2:29s)Vimeo
  4. PMI Advanced settings Fixed Amount (2:15s)Vimeo
  5. PMI Advanced settings Food Revenue (2:15s)Vimeo

10. Live forecast video tutorial series. A compilation of 6 tutorials. Only used if you are doing live forecasting in PMI and not importing from an external source.

  1. Live Forecast Onboarding (6:06s)Vimeo
  2. Live Forecast 1/5 Navigation (5:05s)Vimeo
  3. Live Forecast 2/5 Rooms (5:05s)Vimeo
  4. Live Forecast 3/5 Meeting & Event (5:40s)Vimeo
  5. Live Forecast 4/5 Food & Beverage (6:11s)Vimeo
  6. Live Forecast 5/5 Breakfast (7:19s)Vimeo

11. PMI NextGen How to edit a plan (3:52s)Vimeo – This video covers how to edit and submit a forecast or budget starting from the prepopulated new version.

12. PMI NextGen How to set up a plan (3:02s)Vimeo – This video covers how to create a pre-populated new plan (Budget or Forecast) by answering a series of questions.

13. PMI Planning Staff Module Overview (3:07s)Vimeo – Watch the video to learn how the Staffing screen in PMI can help improve staff forecasting to meet productivity targets

14. Schedule video tutorial series ( only used if you do NOT have a time keeping system import) – This module consists of 8 video tutorials. Learn how to create and manage schedules. 

  1. Schedule 1/8 Navigation (5:12s)Vimeo
  2. Schedule 2/8 How to create a labor cockpit schedule (4:29s) Vimeo
  3. Schedule 3/8 How to add a team member (2:07s)Vimeo
  4. Schedule 4/8 How to create a shift code (3:30s) Vimeo
  5. Schedule 5/8 How to add shift codes to team members (3:41s) Vimeo
  6. Schedule 6/8 How to create a rotating schedule (3:20s) Vimeo
  7. Schedule 7/8 How to replace shift codes for a period (2:00s) Vimeo
  8. Schedule 8/8 How to create split shifts between departments (2:42s) Vimeo

15. Timesheet Onboarding (4:41s)Vimeo – In this video we will focus on the Timesheet report

16. Pickup Statistics (4:31s) – Vimeo – Here you are able to view and analyse the booking pattern for all your segments and ARR

17. Segment OTB (1:16s) – Vimeo – A quick overview of your bookings OTB for a certain period

18. Consolidation OTB (2:42s) – Vimeo – A consolidation of the OTB data for the entire listing on your Benchmarking report, or a specific property

19. Mapping Accounts (5:23s)Vimeo– This is where the revenue and occupancy data from various source systems are linked to various profit centers

20. Mapping TKS Time Keeping system (4:36s) – Vimeo – This gives you a brief overview of what goes on behind the scenes. Where all the incoming information from your TKS is imported into PMI

21. Revenue Driver based Forecast

22. Seasons

23. Min/Max Hours

24. Fixed Hours

25. Operational Targets

26. Budget / Target and Forecast module: Takes you through the entire process from A to Z.

  1. Setting Productivity goals (10:25s) –Vimeo

27. Labor Cockpit Onboarding (18:16s)Vimeo – Overview of Labor Cockpit Onboarding in full detail

Depending on your property, some videos may not be relevant for you. For example;

28. P&L Profit & Loss Planning module – PMI will enable you to perform account level forecasting via the PMI Planning module called Profit & Loss. This is created for cost as well as revenue linking the account planning to the forecast work already peformed currently in the PMI Revenue and Productivity, R&P module

  1. P&L Planning 1/10 Purpose and benefits (2:25s) Vimeo
  2. P&L Planning 2/10 Navigation (4:26s)Vimeo
  3. P&L Planning 3/10 How to build a total forecast (4:29s)Vimeo
  4. P&L Planning 4/10 – Three ways of inserting figures (4:32s)Vimeo
  5. P&L Planning 5/10 – How to add a subaccount (1:42s) Vimeo
  6. P&L Planning 6/10 – How to build a constant (2:42s) Vimeo
  7. P&L Planning 7/10 – Staff module (2:48s) Vimeo
  8. P&L Planning 8/10 – How to add a staff member (1:33s) Vimeo
  9. P&L Planning 9/10 – How to revise and submit a forecast (3:01s)Vimeo
  10. P&L Planning 10/10 How to approve forecast and budget or target (3:17s)Vimeo

29. PMI GoGreen video tutorial series – PMI is the productivity management software which can help you cut costs , boost profits and save the planet all while maintaining the high-quality guest service your establishment is known for.

  1. PMI GoGreen promotional video (3:08s)Vimeo
  2. An overview of a GoGreen cockpit (6:00s)Vimeo
  3. Missed opportunity (2:57s) Vimeo
  4. Tutorial Energy 4 steps (3:08s)Vimeo
  5. Tutorial T&L 4 steps (3:02s) Vimeo
  6. Tutorial Waste 4 steps (3:03s)Vimeo
  7. Tutorial Water 4 steps (3:04s) Vimeo
  8. Tutorial Registration of Energy consumption (2:24s)Vimeo
  9. Tutorial Food Waste 4 steps (3:03s)Vimeo

How-to Articles and useful files

We have many useful guides and articles in the knowledge base. Here are a few useful articles to get you started. 

30. Summary of a cockpit – Cockpit overview – QNA by d2o 

31. Daily routines – Daily routines, Labor Cockpit – QNA by d2o 

32. PMI Index PMI index – Improve your productivity management skills – QNA by d2o

33. Benchmarking OverviewBenchmarking overview – QNA by d2o

34. Portfolio Perspective OverviewPortfolio Perspective overview – QNA by d2o

35. Management Perspective Overview Management Perspective overview – QNA by d2o

36. Flash Report OverviewFlash Report overview – QNA by d2o

37. Live Forecast OverviewLive Forecast Overview – QNA by d2o

38. Budget/Target and ForecastThree (3) ways to insert budget in PMI – QNA by d2o and Upload Actuals, Budget & Forecast – QNA by d2o and PMI R&P – Decimal setting in Budget & Forecast – QNA by d2o and Other Budget and Forecast – QNA by d2o and Room Budget and Forecast – QNA by d2o and PMI R&P – Lock Budget – QNA by d2o

39. P&L Planning menu overviewPlanning Menu – Tools and View Option – QNA by d2o

40. TimesheetTime Sheet – QNA by d2o

41. ScheduleThe Schedule Tools & View menu – QNA by d2o and Scheduling – QNA by d2o and Revise schedule and save labor cockpit afterwards – QNA by d2o and Printing a schedule – QNA by d2o and Labor Cockpit Schedule – QNA by d2o and How to make a schedule – QNA by d2o

42. Pickup StatisticsPickup Statistics – QNA by d2o

43. PIAProductivity Intelligence Aid (PIA) – QNA by d2o

44. Hours transfer rules Hours transfer rules – QNA by d2o

45. PMI NextGen PlanningHow to set up a NextGen GoGreen Plan – QNA by d2o and PMI NextGen Planning Video How to edit a plan – QNA by d2o

46. Sense modeSense check mode explained – QNA by d2o

47. Staffing Module OverviewPlanning staff module overview – QNA by d2o

48. Segment OTBSegment OTB – QNA by d2o

49. Consolidation OTBConsolidation OTB – QNA by d2o

50. Mapping AccountsMapping Accounts – QNA by d2o

51. Mapping TKSHow to use TKS (TimeKeepinSystem Import) in the Cockpit – QNA by d2o

52. Revenue driver based ForecastRevenue Driver Based Forecast – QNA by d2o

53. SeasonsSeasons – QNA by d2o

54. Min/Max Hours or Fixed HoursMin/Max or Fixed Hours – QNA by d2o

55. Operational targetsOperational targets overview – QNA by d2o

56. Parent cockpitParent Cockpit – QNA by d2o

57. PMI Terminology – https://qna.d2o.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/PMI-Terminology.pdf

58. Daily cockpit routines https://qna.d2o.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Daily-cockpit-routines.pdf

59. Forecasting daily routineshttps://qna.d2o.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/How-to-work-with-forecasting-daily-routines.pdf

60. Workflow Forecast to Budget/Targethttps://qna.d2o.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/PMI-work-flow-Forecast-to-Budget-process-in-PMI-Planning.pdf

61. Upload labor cost or adjust passed months hours https://qna.d2o.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Upload-Labor-Cost-or-Adjust-Hours-past-month.pdf

62. Verify correct mapping and reconcile revenues https://qna.d2o.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Verify-correct-mapping-and-reconcile-revenues.pdf

63. Best practice routines in R&P modulehttps://qna.d2o.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/PMI-Best-practice-routines-RP-module.pdf

64. Moving hours between cockpitshttps://qna.d2o.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Moving-hours-between-cockpits.pdf

65. Monthly submit Live Forecast routineshttps://qna.d2o.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Monthly-submit-Live-Forecast-routines.pdf

66. Monthly submit hours and productivity routines https://qna.d2o.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Monthly-submit-hours-and-productivity-routines.pdf

67. Monthly Meeting & Event Live Forecast routineshttps://qna.d2o.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Monthly-Meeting-and-Event-Live-Forecast-routines.pdf

68. Mapping of segments https://qna.d2o.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Mapping-of-segments.pdf

69. How to validate Actual, Forecast, Budget/Target Revenuehttps://qna.d2o.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/How-to-validate-Actual-Forecast-or-Budget-or-Target-Revenue-in-PMI.pdf

70. Daily Live Forecast routineshttps://qna.d2o.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Daily-Live-Forecast-routines.pdf

71. How to enter next years budget/targethttps://qna.d2o.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/How-to-enter-next-years-budget-in-PMI.pdf

72. Financial Controller checklist https://qna.d2o.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Financial-Controller-checklist.pdf

73. Daily Meeting & Event Live Forecast routineshttps://qna.d2o.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Daily-Meeting-and-Event-Live-Forecast-routines.pdf

74. Clustered and shared positionshttps://qna.d2o.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Clustered-and-shared-positions.pdf

75. Breakfast revenue driver and settings and how to update breakfast covers in Flash reporthttps://qna.d2o.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Breakfast-Revenue-Driver-Cockpit-settings-update-Breakfast-covers-in-Flash-report.pdf

Need more assistance?

Not to worry! There are many ways of finding information and assistance in PMI: 

  • Knowledge base – find step-by-step articles and video tutorials for all aspects of PMI here. 
  • FAQ – Frequently asked questions – Can’t find what you are looking for in the Knowledge base? Type your question in the search bar of FAQ page for quick answers to often asked questions. 
  • Documents in the Help section in the main page (click on the 3 lines to activate this) – here you can have access to property specific documents. 
  • PIA – Productivity Intelligence Aid – Have questions while you are working in PMI? Use the chatbot Pia as your first port of call. Simply click on her, and type in your question for immediate answers.  
  • Your BRE Analyst, your contract holder or General Manager will be able to assist you with the contact information. If you still can’t find the answers you need, or need additional guidance, then take contact with these people.  
  • support@d2o.com – If all else fails, you can always send an email to our support team. d2o support team are always happy to help and guide – just drop them an email and they’ll get back to you as soon as they can. 

Good luck on your journey to better productivity management, consistent great customer service and a motivated team – PMI will be with you every step of the way!

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