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On-screen help view

Activating on-screen help will display question marks by the different features in PMI. When clicking on th icon, a short description of the function will appear. You have the option of removing it because you understood “got it” or you can “learn more” and continue reading on the knowledge base.

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If the icon is a blue exclamation mark instead, it indicates a new feature/function in PMI. In the same way as before, you can click on this icon to access the information.

In each module, next to the View option icon, you will detect a blue/transparent question mark icon. This icon allows you to activate or de-activate the on-screen help function at any time.

The on-screen help consists of three different levels of information − on-boarding, beginner and advanced − and is dependent on which level user you are. This is defined in the “settings” view under “Administration” in the main menu. – is this necessary or relevant?

This help menu settings window enables you to either “show on-screen help” or “hide on-screen help”.  You can also open the PMI Wiki from here, as well as put in a search that will also open up the PMI Wiki for the topic of your choice.

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