Submit Live Forecast to Forecast (monthly routine)


How to submit Live Forecast to Forecast.

Intended Users

All forecast owners


The user needs “ForecastManager” or higher rights to submit.


1. You need to submit the forecast for the coming month(s) at the end of current month (deadlines are company specific, please contact your regional controller for more details). The submission options are found under “Tools” in Live Forecast.

  • Take a thorough look at the Live Forecast for rooms for next month(s). Best practice suggests a daily live forecast for the next 3 months and a monthly forecast for the following 9-15 months).
  • When Rooms forecast is updated, continue (or notify the department “owner”) with F&B and other live forecasts.
  • When all live forecasts are updated and SAVED, Submit Live Forecast (for one month only) or Submit Several Live Forecasts
Submit to live forecast.PNG

Submit Live Forecast will only copy the month you are looking at in Live Forecast.

Submit Several Live Forecasts allows you to choose the period(s) and departments you want to submit beofre clicking Submit Live Forecast to Forecast.

Important: The forecast should be submitted before a month starts and must align with the official forecast submitted in your reporting tool (if other than PMI). Once confirmed and submitted, this should not change. You can and should update and save live forecast as often as necessary during the current period.


PMI best practice recommends having at least 12 months’ forecast available − see Sales Forecast Calendar, this may vary from company to company. Do not hesitate to contact your d2o Account Manager should you need more information or assistance in creating a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for your property.

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