To enable you to tweak the SMART forecast in Cockpit you can use MIN/MAX hours.

Setting this will tell PMI that the SMART forecast should never suggest less than MIN or more than MAX per day.

When activated, this function will allow you to have different minimum and maximum hours used per day of the week, per season and per holiday. This is typically used for operational departments.

Intended Users

Cockpit owners, Controllers, GM and Heads of Departments.


User rights as cockpit owner or administrator.
To enable the function administrator user rights are required.


Setting the minimum hours and/or maximum hours per day of the week in the season you currently are in:

Enable the Min/Max by going into the Tools menu and Settings. Tick the box Min/Max hours per day.

MinMax 1.PNG
MinMax 2.PNG

A new tool will now open in the Tools Menu. Click the Min/Max icon to open the tool.

MinMax 3.PNG

Here you are able to set min/max with these different choices:

  • Default – this will be the choice if you do not choose to set min/max on any of the other choices below.
  • Seasons – if you tick the box in front of the season, you will override the default for that particular season.
  • Holidays – you may also choose to use different min/max for holidays by ticking the boxes in front of the holiday.
MinMax 4.PNG

To set the min/max in any of the different choices, you press the pen at the right and go into the setup. Enter minimum manning per day of the week for that period. To enter maximum manning, you have to enable this by ticking the box Max Enable.

MinMax 5.PNG

Changes you make will affect the year you are in and the coming years, but not the years passed.

If you hover over the seasons you will see the date range the seasons are referring to.

MinMax 6.PNG


The seasons are calculated for each department separately. Looking at manning patterns and grouping them together will give PMI an opportunity to create seasons where the manning pattern are similar. Access to seasons is on Controller level or higher.

There is a possibility to calculate seasons manually by using the tool Generate Auto Seasons.

Min max 1.jpg

When opening the Seasons tool you will find how PMI has calculated the seasons. At the top there is a drop list for you to choose what season to use. Default is PMI Auto Labor.

At the right you see the name of the seasons created.

Min max 2.jpg


By opening the settings wheel, you may copy min/max settings from others already set. In Default, you may copy from forecast/budget and other years. In Seasons, you may copy from forecast/budget, year and other seasons. In Holidays, you may copy from forecast/budget, year and other holidays.

MinMax 7.PNG


In departments with no manning during, for example, the weekend, it is easy to set the suggested manning to zero hours by using min/max – put 0 hours in both min and max for that day and tick the box Max Enable.

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