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The Mapping module is where the revenue and occupancy data (room nights, guest nights, covers, etc.) from the various source systems is dispersed and maintained in the PMI landscape. Usually there is very little maintenance of this module except in cases involving:

  1. The first month of PMI usage.
  2. Change or upgrade of source systems.
  3. Changes in the GL Chart of accounts.

Automated Mapping

Automated Mapping can also be used but please contact before trying that feature. Support will help you.

Intended Users

Revenue Manager, Accounting, Controller and Administrator.


The user needs to have appropriate security settings (Controller access).


When a new account with revenue or occupancy data is imported from a source system, PMI will post a message under the Integration status field in the PMI Home Overview. You may click on the message and you will be redirected directly to the Mapping – Accounts view.

In the PMI Toolbar, you will:

  1. Choose the property you want to work with, if you have access to more than one.
  2. Decide which accounts should be displayed under Show Source: Unmapped – Not yet assigned to a profit center. Mapped – Assigned to one or more profit centers. Ignored Sources – Accounts that should not be mapped out in PMI. Please note: only incoming revenue accounts shall be mapped, not payment or transfer accounts.
  3. Select the type of accounts to be displayed: Actual – Historical data (e.g. yesterday’s revenue). OTB – On the books data (e.g. future reservations) PMI Planning – Accounts used in the accounting system. This is explained separately below (Mapping accounts to PMI Planning) and only applicable if PMI Planning is a part of your PMI.
  4. Show filter – When activated, you can filter the accounts.
Settings Mapping Accounts.PNG

In the main window, the accounts are shown in two sections, where A represents the Source information, i.e. what information is retrieved from your source system, and B represents where the data is to be used in PMI.

Position your mouse on any of the icons underneath the heading “Type” to see what the file normally contains.

The accounts are shown with different background colors depending on their status:

Mapping Accounts 11.PNG
  • Red – Not yet assigned to a profit center and needs to be mapped out or ignored.
  • Green – Mapped out to a profit center and thus is being used in PMI.
  • Grey – Ignored account which is not used in PMI.

If there are too many accounts shown on the page, scroll between the pages by using the arrow icons or drop down menu in the top right hand corner (C).

Mapping accounts to PMI R&P

Make sure that “Actual”, and/or “OTB” are checked and that “PMI Planning” is unchecked (see 4 above).

Below the PMI Toolbar, if “Show Filter” (5) is activated, you have the option to search for data in section A, either by using the drop down menu or by free text.

  • Padlock icon: Any already mapped accounts are locked with the lock icon. Click the padlock to edit an already mapped account.
    • This feature may be restricted based on user rights.
  • In section B, the drop down menus are used to map several accounts at the same time. Use the filters in section A to select the range of accounts you want to map out. Then choose the desired profit center and/or segment in section B and press the cogwheel icon next to the drop down menu. All the visible accounts will (once you save by pressing the diskette icon in the top right hand corner) be mapped to the selected department or segment.
  • In section B, under the 3 dots it is also possible to set a percentage (Split percentage) for all visible accounts, if the property only receives a certain percentage of the account’s value (e.g. commission).
  • If any tax should be deducted from the account, the percentage should be entered into the “Tax” cell. The latter is, of course, only applicable if the source file contains tax. (a tax box will appear automatically where applicable)
  • Once the appropriate figures for percentage and tax have been entered, press the cogwheel next to the cell and it will be applied to all visible accounts.
  • It is also possible to map out one account at a time. Choose the correct profit center (6) from the drop down menu. You can select “Ignored” if the values imported are not to be included in PMI, e.g. balance accounts.
  • If the profit center is segmented, select the correct segment from the drop down menu (7). Set the percentage that should be imported, normally 100% except, for instance, for commissions, and the tax percentage. This option is only available if the interface has been set to exclude tax. All revenues should be displayed excluding tax in PMI.
  • If an account is a food account, and it needs to be included in your food sales, click on the fork icon (8) it will turn blue instead of grey. This will indicate that it is linked as a food revenue account.
  • By clicking on the Exclude in total, which is only visible for segmented profit centers, you can determine if the account’s value should be included in the total or not. If, for instance, the room revenue is imported from a separate total room sales account, all the segmented revenues should be excluded from the total.
  • Add valid dates is used if the account’s value is to be mapped differently during a period or from a specific date.
  • Split mapping will enable the possibility to split one source into two or more profit centres in PMI. Once clicked, it is possible to split the account’s value to several profit centers or segments. Here the Split percentage should be used to determine what percentage each individual mapping should get. If you want to delete an additional mapping, click on the trash can icon.

Mapping accounts to PMI Planning

  • Applicable only if the account plan has been integrated.
  • Make sure that “PMI Planning” is checked (see 4 above).
  • The only mapping done is for actuals from an accounting system.
  • Each account received from a source system needs to be mapped to the correct Category and then the correct account.
  • When Sub Accounts are added they appear in the drop list and is possible to map actuals to.

Automated mapping is great to use when mapping PMI Planning account. Please contact for assistance.

Please read these articles for SAP Labor Cost mapping and EMMA mapping

SAP Labor Cost Mapping
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View Options

You have different options under View Options. See more under Instructions above.


First read through the instructions to map out PMI R&P as PMI Planning basically has the same functions. In the PMI Planning account mapping you need to select what profit center(s) the account belongs to, what category and what specific account.

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