Manual Export S&C – Opera

This report are used to import S&C OTB.

Night Audit from Opera to PMI

This report have to be executed AFTER Opera Night Audit is successfully completed.

Report: Daily Catering Forecast (rep_ev_forecast)

  1. Go to Miscellaneous and choose Reports
  2. Enter rep_ev in the Report field and click on Search
  3. Choose the report Daily Catering Forecast (REP name should be rep_ev_forecast)
  4. Click on Print to file
  5. The file format should be DELIMITED DATA (not just delimited, but check that it says delimited data)
  6. Click on OK

7. From date should be today´s date, To Date should be 12 month ahead.

8. Other choices should be as below.


9. Click on File and save the report where the Opera files normally are saved.

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