Manual Export PMS – Fidelio

Night audit from Fidelio 6.1 to PMI

These reports (exports) have to be executed AFTER the Fidelio night audit is successfully completed.

Report 1: PMI Market Segment (MONTHFOR.DBF)

1. Open Fidelio List & Reports, chooseA. Reports andB. Special


2. Choose the report “2 – PMI Market Segment”


3. Choose “Calculate New Forecast”.NOTE! Calculate from including today and including 31st of December next year. E.g. if today is 26th of February you need to choose until date 31st of December 2009. If you do not have minimum time span, PMI will not accept the file.


4. Fill out the screen according to the screenshot (please note that everything should be Y, except for Include Parlors and Tentative, i.e. (N in Include Parlors and Tentative). The report should take a couple of minutes to generate.


5. After the report is displayed on the screen, remember to close the report (hit the Esc. Key). Otherwise you will lock the report for retrieval.

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