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Report Scheduler: Schedule daily automatic run of the reports

For certain release and license of Opera, a scheduling feature is possible to enable automatic execution at specified time(s). Below are the navigation steps.1. In Opera, select “PMS”


2. In Opera PMS, select “Miscellaneous” and “Reports Scheduler”


3. In Scheduler, you can create a new scheduled report by clicking the “New”-button to the right


4. Find the correct report and configure it according to the previous sent manual


5. Enter date and time, date is the first date you want the report to run,time is when you want the report to run. In this case we suggest after night audit at maybe 05.00 or 06.00. Repeat should be Every 1 Days.

6. Highlight the report you just created and then click on Parameters and Set Date.

7. Chose report date and -1 days.

8. There are two options to export this to PMI, either you have an Agent setup on your server and then chose distribution list if you have a folder setup by d2o for PMI export data. Put PMI in the Folder name and the report will end up in that folder. (NB: disc and folder may be different – check property specific instructions)The best solution is to use SFTP. Chose that and d2o will provide you with credential where to connect.

For more information – please click this link Oracle Scheduler

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