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What and how

The purpose of Room Live Forecast 2.0 is to make the forecasting process easier and straight to the point. With the actionable insights alerts, it creates a sense of control ensuring all major pickup variations are dealt with. And with PMI prediction, our machine learning algorithm, the sky is not the limit!

Log in from the shortcut menu and/or main menu, choose Live forecast.

  1. Default department is the one you visited last time you logged in. Use the downward pointing arrow to view all departments available. Choose the department you want to focus on. Room forecasting is the only department included in the new version. All other departments are the current version, which is accessible from this screen.

2. Filter by: All days, select day(s) of the week to view/forecast. Each day can be selected separately, or in combination with one or more days, by ticking/unticking the check boxes.

3. When entering the Room Forecast, the default period appears. In our example, today is 12 March 2022, so the default setting will show 7 days prior and 21 days into the future. i.e. Rolling 28 days.

By clicking on the calendar icon or the single down pointed arrow, more combinations appear i.e. Days, Month and Months.

When you have made your adjustments, 2 options

  1. Undo unsaved changes“, is activated (from gray to blue color), when a change is made in the graph and/or table. This resets all changes made, not yet saved.
  2. Save, is activated (from gray to blue color), when a change is made in the graph and/or table. Changes are now visible throughout. Also used when choosing “Use PMI prediction
  3. Export icon, print the table in excel and pdf format.
  1. PMI index, measures your property’s ability to adopt PMI best practices. Overall property score displayed here. Target score is 8 out of 10. Click “View actions” for your department score and insights.

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