Kitchen Food Cost


Food Cost Cockpit is always part of a Labor Cockpit − usually the Kitchen or Breakfast Cockpit.

Intended Users

Executive Chefs and Food Cost Cockpit Owners.


The PMI Kitchen Food Cost cockpit helps the Executive Chef to manage the food cost and plan the daily purchases more in accordance with the food revenue stream.

1. Switch for labor or food cost view

2. Graph presenting Food Purchase Pattern

3. Budget and Forecast

4. Table displaying days in the current month. Purchase and inventory data is normally entered manually based on daily purchases (receipts).

5. Inventory showing current turnover days, opening (last month’s closing), actual closing inventory as well as Par-stock. Par-stock value is, by definition, your safety stock/operational stock in order to run kitchen operations smoothly.

6. Food Cost graph showing MTD (Month To Date = Actual until yesterday) or Month-end (MTD plus rolling forecast)

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