How to improve Resource Planning Alignment Cockpits – operational departments

  • Analyse historic productivity identify what you are doing right and where there is room for improvement
  • Make sure you have set correct target. Although this is only set once per month, monitor daily and average weekly productivity (for operational departments)
  • Plan your work schedules according to the live forecast you believe in. Scheduling more hours than the income/number of guests suggest means that you do not trust the forecast you have made, which is also your responsibility. There should be no reason to more easily spend money than you expect revenues.
  • We do not expect you to be on target every single day because type of business will vary, but accumulated you should be able to keep a steady productivity level.
  • On days with larger and unusual discrepancies, write a comment to explain why AND how the service level was affected.
  • Make sure that hours are registered in the correct department
    • If you are working with a Time Keeping System (TKS), make the necessary changes there and NOT in PMI. Any changes in your TKS will be imported automatically.
    • If you do not have the possibility to move hours in the TKS, you cam do this in PMI wit the express hour move. NOTE: the hours you move out of a department should always match exactly the hours you move to other departments. There should be NO difference between the hours in your TKS and PMI
    • If you are working with schedule in PMI, changes to passed days must be done in the cockpit. Any changes made to historic days in the schedule are not transferred to the cockpit.

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