How to improve Accuracy M&E Operations

  • Analyse the results to identify what you are doing right and where there is room for improvement
  • 2 times per week, take a look at the live forecast for the next couple of weeks, is it credible? If need be, change the pick up a live forecast that you believe in.
  • Every 2 weeks, take a look at next month too.
  • Once per month, update the next three months.
  • If revenue is posted on the wrong day, this will affect accuracy. If this happens only occastionally, there will be no significant effect on the index
  • If you have more OTB than your live forecast, pick-up will be negative. Update the pick-up to a live forecast that is realistic.
  • In case of discrepancies, what happened that you did not expect?
  • Apply learning to “foresee” the future

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