How to improve Accuracy Live Forecast F&B and Other departments

  • Analyse the results to identify what you are doing right and where there is room for improvement
  • In case of discrepancies, what happened that you did not expect?
  • Are there any patterns in the discrepancy? For example always overestimating Fridays….
  • Is your revenue driver set correctly for the current period?
    • The revenue driver should only be adjusted once per month to set the most credible trends/ratios per weekday.
  • 2 times per week, take a look at the live forecast for the next couple of weeks, is it credible? If need be, change the pick up on individual days to a live forecast that you believe in. (Remember that the live forecast will change when there are changes in the rooms live forecast, provided your revenue driver is based on rooms or guests)
    • Now and then you may need to reset the pick-up to realign LF with revenue driver
  • Every 2 weeks, take a look at next month too
  • Improving live forecasting needs conscious attention to operation: Who are your guests? (age, gender, leisure, business, in-house, walk-in…) Who eats/drinks what? What is the weather like? How satisfied are they? What brings them to your establishment?
  • Apply learning to “foresee” the future

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