How pickup fields are displayed and used in Room Live Forecast

Below is an overview to the change of how pickup fields are displayed and used when manually adjusting in the Room Forecast

  1. Pickups in Average Room Revenue do not display any values
  2. Manually forecasted days have the input field active where pickups can be changed. It differs depending if forecasts are done on segment or total level. On segment level nothing is shown on total level. Depending on their selected view option, some have segments always displayed and some may not
  3. When you want to edit a day manually (a day with a “robot icon”), then you need to switch off the automation by clicking on the “robot icon”. It then changes to a “person icon”. All segments are automatically displayed and you can make your changes
  4. Depending on your configuration setting, you can either forecast when the pickup rooms should be sold for and use the OTB values for the OTB rooms
  5. Or you can enter the value that you would like for a final forecast by deactivating the “Use ARR pickup calculator for manual forecasts” feature in Configuration settings (click on settings, and then Configuration settings). This means it will not will include the current OTB ARR in the Live Forecast
  6. Please note that the rate calculator is always enabled (OTB values for ARR are used) and the value entered in the pickup field for ARR applies only to the entered value in the PU column for Room nights.
  7. It the manual forecast method is enabled, the rate PU calculator can be enabled or disabled, it is to the discretion of each property to decide

Displaying PU (pickup)

RN and total revenue: The PU displays the difference between OTB and Live forecast

ARR: Nothing is shown in the PU column for ARR if auto is enabled and the day is automatically updated

If a day is taken over by the user, the PU fields will be displayed only on the same level as the forecast is done, i.e. if segments are forecasted, nothing is shown in the ARR PU column on the total day level, only on segment level (vice versa if total level is forecasted)

Room Forecast change to pickup fields overview (1:36s)

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