Hierarchy Settings is the view where one can add, edit and remove property-specific information, departments and profit centers.

Intended Users

Usually active for administrators.


This view is enabled when the “hierarchy write” is active for a user in the Security settings.


Hierarchy list that shows the complete chain with all properties and its Cockpits and profit centers.

Hierarchy tree.PNG
  1. Add a new property.
  2. Hierarchy ID and property name.
  3. Settings for Property Name, Currency and Maximum available rooms.
  4. Define Property Groups (Sweden, Norway, etc. or North, South, East, etc.). Property Groups are presented in the Benchmarking view.
  5. Add a new department (can be any type of Cockpit or a profit center).
  6. Add Segments if needed.
  7. Edit name and sorting order of the segment.
  8. Choose type of department − Cockpit Labour, Cockpit Food Cost, F&B Profit Center or Other Profit Center.
  9. Edit Department Name, R&P Division and Planning Division (if PMI Planning is active).
  10. Show Cockpit image.
  11. Save property. The Save icon is active in department and segments and saves respective changes.
Hierarchy department.PNG


Under the Tools menu, you may change the Module Settings.

  1. Coach − the default coach shown at the top of the different modules if something is not updated.
  2. WeekViewMode − what day the week starts and ends with.
  3. PropertyType − Hotel, Cruise or Restaurant.
  4. TimeOffset − timezone where the property is located.
  5. WeatherForecastEnabled − enables you to show the weather forecast.
  6. WeatherForecastUrl − here you enter the YR.no Url specific for the property location.
Hierarchy settings.PNG

View Options

Under View Options you may choose the view from between List and Tree.

View Option - Hierarchy.PNG


Hierarchy Settings is for managing a property, setting available rooms, segments, etc.

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