Guest nights factor explanation 

What is Guest nights factor? 

Guest nights factor is a calculation of the average number of guests per occupied room. PMI uses Guest nights factor to forecast the number of guest nights for future periods. Accuracy of guest nights forecasting is essential as it impacts forecasting in any departments that uses guest nights as a driver. 

How to view and adjust the guest nights factor: 

  1. In Tools, select option ‘Edit guest night factor’ 
    1. Available only in Rooms forecasting. 
    2. If auto-forecasting is on, guest nights factor cannot be edited manually. 
  2. There are 4 options to calculate the guest night factor. 
    1. Based on Season: This is the default option and should always be used under normal circumstances. It uses historic seasons data to calculate the guest night factor. 
    2. Based on Period: This takes the guest night factor from the same period last year, adjusted to equivalent weekdays. This will not factor in significant changes in guest factor during a month. 
    3. Based on Budget: Uses budget values to calculate guest nights factor 
    4. Based on Custom: Use this to manually override the guest nights factor. User can enter any value for the guest night factor on any day. Use this if major changes to the number of guests per room and segment are expected from one year to another, or if no history/budget exist. 
  3. To update the calculation method, select the desired option and press ok. 

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