GoGreen Housekeeping

Energy, chemical, sweet dreams and towels & linen

Go Green Housekeeping best practise:

  • Use baseline to identify your potential
  • Use GoGreen benchmarking to identify your performance

Main Focus

  • Cleaning Green


  • Guest rooms can be controlled by housekeeping staff when making up rooms after check-out. Depending on the season, shut off or maintain minimum room temperatures by resetting thermostats.

Example: Resetting thermostats in the summer to 0. And Winter to 2.

Chemicals and Water usage

  • Set a standard for Toilet flushing’s & Usage of Chemicals for housekeeping staff making up rooms.

Example: Max. 2 x Toilet flushing’s and Max. 3 x “spray” per surface per Room

Towels and linen

  • Make sure that each room has an NCH WeCare Information card, visually for the guest. Involve & Train Staff in WeCare Towels & Linen Policy.
  • If you need new Information cards or WeCare Room Materials, please contact your Management.
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Sweet dreams

  • Make sure that each room has a Sweet Dream signage visually displayed in the room
  • Align Working Schedule with the amount of predicted Sweet Dreams.
  • Use GoGreen Reports in Employee Meetings (Monthly Performance vs Target and Last Year)

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