Export a Forecast

Forecast Export out of PMI

This features enable you to download a file out of PMI containing your future forecast depending on specifics for your file. This is setup in cooperation with you.

Intended Users

General Managers and Financial Controllers.


The hotel needs to have a forecast file created by d2o.


  1. Make sure all forecasts are updated according to hotel specifications for the months you want to export. The export will contain all Revenue Forecasts for a preset period so it is important that you either have submitted all Live Forecast for preset period or have adjusted the Forecast in Budget & Forecast module.
  2. In the tool box in any of the Live Forecast you find a tool called Print to File.
  3. In this tool you find abilities to print to Excel or PDF. To the right your hotels specific forecast export is found.
  4. When clicked you have the following choices, look at an Export Log, Export to File or Close. The name of the export is property/hotel chain specific as well as what dates are exported.
  5. When clicking the Export to File the work starts and when done you will get the following on the screen:
  6. To download to your computer either click the download symbol to the right or click the file.
  7. In the Export Log you will find all previous created Forecast Exports and have the possibility to download them.


It is very important that all forecasts are submitted from Live Forecast or edited in Budget & Forecast module for months further out.

Next month should always be submitted from Live Forecast since it is important to have a daily accurate Live Forecast/Forecast

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